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About Teamsters Local 877

Local Union 877, affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was founded in 1970. Local 877 represents over 600 oil, chemical and terminal workers at the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery, the Infineum Chemical Corporation, the Watco Crude Rail Terminal, Eastman Turbo Oil and the Linden Business & Technology Center (Infineum) in New Jersey.The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 877 was founded in 1970 and represents over 600 oil, chemical and terminal workers in New Jersey. Local 877 is a proud member organization of Teamsters Joint Council 73 and the New Jersey Work Environment Council.

Local 877 is a proud and dignified union of skilled and professional working men and women. Local 877 fights for its members; for their safety, for better wages, better health benefits, and for secure retirement plans.

Local 877 is a member organization of Teamsters Joint Council 73 and the New Jersey Work Environment Council.

History of Local 877

Bayway Refinery, a facility of Phillips 66 located in Linden, NJ, is the largest petrochemical complex on the East Coast of the United States. Well-known to travelers on the New Jersey Turnpike it presents a powerful and intimidating picture of modern industrial technology at its peak. Tall flares light the nighttime sky with burning gases; plumes of steam and vapors hang over the towering structures and vessels; miles of interlacing pipes run together in a maze of twisted steel. But even more amazing then the obvious technological accomplishments is the story of the struggle of the industrial workers at this production site for a legitimate union and their ultimate victory over the world's richest corporation.

Founded in 1908 as a more modern counterpart to the Bayonne Refinery, Bayway was the centerpiece of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (the fragmented remains of Rockefeller's great Standard Oil Trust). The new facility, as was the custom in Bayonne, relied heavily on immigrant workers to handle the hot, harsh and dangerous jobs involved in oil refining.

Faced with an extremely labor-intensive means of production, management was especially alert to signs of worker unrest and organization. This concern intensified after labor disputes at the Rockefeller mines in Ludlow, Colorado and the Standard Oil Refinery in Bayonne had resulted in the deaths of strikers and their families. With public opinion solidly condemning the vicious treatment of the Rockefeller's employees, Standard Oil sought a quick solution to the workers' dissatisfaction by hiring labor consultants to devise a plan to restore labor peace to the plants and avoid bad publicity.

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Teamsters Local 877
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